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Manufacturing quality with integrity


FABTEK manufacturing business has been operating in Vietnam since 2003. FABTEK manufactures quality products from steel, stainless steel and aluminium for a diversified range of industries worldwide. We make products in medicine, construction, agriculture, automotive, mining, food and beverage, plus many more industries. 

FABTEK offers customers a high level of service from product development to client specific branding and packaging.


A Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system is in place assuring a streamlined manufacturing process.


Due to FABTEKs location, in a relatively low labour cost area, FABTEK is able to offer our customers quality products at a competitive price.

FABTEK offers customers the flexibility to order small to large order volumes depending on their requirements.


FABTEK takes pride in practising good business ethics, providing its clients with the confidence to develop product brands in their own markets.


FABTEK employs approx. 450 people, with western management in place to ensure company values are adhered to.


FABTEK provide comprehensive training programmes to all staff ensuring employees are kept up to date on a changing working environment and constant advances in technology.


Qualified staff are employed within every department of the organisation to ensure a seamless operation.


Fabtek has a high level of staff retention due to safe/clean working environment , human resource and management policies.


Over the years of developing FABTEK , we have taken our corperate responsibility seriously, complying with Vietnamese government Employment, Corporate and Environmental Regulations.

Fabtek have invested in the following major environmental initiatives and have ISO 14001 accreditation.


  • Domestic waste water treatment system, with recycling the treated waste for toilet flushing

  • Industrial waste water system for the powder coating pretreatment , where all discharged water is treated and recycled for use with minimal discharge of treated waste water recorded.

  • LED lighting through the Fabtek facility.

  • 1000 kWp solar power installation with any excess power generated not consumed by Fabtek operations is fed into Vietnams Electric grid.



At Fabtek it is our intention to continually look for innovative environmentally sustainable options so that Fabtek can contribute what we can to protect our Environment where we live and work in Vietnam   

FABTEK is a SEDEX - SMETA 4-Pillar Certified Company, an International Standards of Ethical Business Practices and Social Responsibility, which verifies that Fabtek is committed to a safe, environmentally friendly, and fair working environment for all Employees.

SMETA Audits are conducted annually and comprise of the following modules.

  • Labor Standards

  • Health and Safety

  • Management Systems

  • Entitlement to Work

  • Subcontracting and Homeworking

  • Environmental assessment

  • Business Ethics


FABTEK factory is located in Binh Duong province, 45km from HCMC.


Our facilities provide our employees with a safe, clean modern working environment.

The land area where the factory is located in approximately 25,000M2 and the factory under roof  is approximately 17,000M2 + 720M2 office + 750M2 amenities building.




The machine work shop is equipped with a diverse range of plant and equipment.


Punch press tooling can be produced to meet specific requirements.


Due to the diversified plant and equipment in our factory , a comprehensive range of manufacturing solutions are available to meet our customers requirements.

Machine List
  • 1 x Amada LC2515C1AJ3000 CNC operate Punch and Fiber/Laser Combination machine (year 2019)

  • 1 x Amada LCG 3015 AJ2000W Fiber/Laser CNC operated cutting machine with OVS positioning system (year 2016)

  • 1 x Amada ENSIS3015AJ 6000W laser cutting machine (year 2022)

  • 1 x Amada EM-ZR Series CNC operated punching  machine (year 2016)

  • 1 x Amada Pega 357 turret punch

  • 2 x Amada EG series CNC press break machine 40Ton/1M (year 2019)

  • 2 x Amada HG series CNC press break machine 130Ton/3M (year 2016)

  • 1 x Amada HG series CNC press break machine 240Ton/4M (year 2016)

  • 1 x Amada NC press break 1 x 125T/3M

  • 1 x Amada GUNMAN1002 CNC Stud Welder (year 2019)

  • 1 x Amada HFA400W BANDSAW MACHINE (year 2019)

  • 1 x Okuma Genosi 250 CNC Lathe (year 2012)

  • 1 x DMG Mori CNC Lathe CLX-450 (year 2018)

  • 1 x DMG Mori CNC Milling  CMX-800V (year 2018)

  • 2 x Manually operated lathe

  • 6 x Punch & Press

  • 1 x CNC operated wire cutting

  • 2 x NC operated mandrel bending

  • 3 x Guillotine


Assembly and welding areas are set up so that production work cells can be easily adjusted to suit products being manufactured at the time.


For low volume orders work cells are equipped with manually operated LASER, MIG, TIG, ARC welding, and Oxy/Acetylene brazing capabilities.

For high-volume production orders, FabTek has robotic welding stations with the capacity to weld steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products with maximum efficiency.


During 2016 Fabtek extended our Factory by approx. 5,300M2 with the main intention to develop a project assembly department so we can offer our customers the additional capabilities of undertaking the full assembly of the parts we manufacture within our production facility and also the Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic installations . 

During this time Fabtek has worked in very close co-operation with our customers developing new innovative assembled products such as:

-Roast Runner : Commercial Chicken Oven

-Dough Runner  : Commercial Pocket Bread Oven

-Wayo : Battery powered Mobile Digital Signage 

-Axis Dyno :  Dynamometer for  stationary road testing for motorcycles

We look forward to the opportunity to further expand our project assembly range of products with new and existing customers.  

Dough Runner


Fabtek has In house powder coating and wet spray coating facilities. Only the highest quality powder is used (

Testing is undertaken regularly to ensure the quality of the finish is maintained. Tests include:







•Salt spray


We also offer Hot dipped galvanized , Electro Zinc Plating and E coating through out-sourcing to qualified local companies.

Fabtek has in house polishing facilities to achieve a high quality finish on stainless steel and aluminium products.


A wide range of labelling and packaging options are available eg: customer specific labels, labelled cardboard boxes, vacuum packaging and shrink wrapping. Honeycomb Cardboard shipping crates and pallets  are produced to suit loose cargo and containerized shipping.

Complete delivery service available depending on customers requirements. Shipments can be arranged via air freight, loose cargo loads or container shipments. Shipments can be arranged to any air or sea port in the world.



FABTEK is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and has based the QMS on consistently providing products and services that meet with customer expectations and regulatory requirements.


FABTEK Quality Management System complies with applicable requirements contained in ISO 9001:2015 , covers the design and provision of all company products, and encompasses all operations at the facility in Vietnam.


Regular internal audits on the QMS and annual external audits are performed by qualified QMS auditors.


Dedicated design, research and development department who provide customers with detailed drawings for their review and approval prior to production of their products.

A comprehensive 3D design is developed for customer approval before each product is manufactured. During production step by step process drawings are prepared and a detailed history of revisions is kept and these are all available for clients to keep for their records.


If required detailed PPAP submissions can be prepared allowing customers to clearly understand the manufacturing process and make constructive suggestions for improvement.

pack and ship




Air Filtration

Air Tanks

Bin System

Digital Display

Food and Beverage

Machine Parts


Sheet Metal Work

Surge and Expansion tanks

Stationary Dynometer


Truck and Trailer

Waste Water Treatment

air cool
F and B
Sheet metal
truck and trailer
waste water
Digital display
Machine parts
S and E tanks
Corporate res



  • Fabtek Company Ltd warrants product supplied  to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of one (1) year from invoice date.

  • Fabtek Company Ltd agrees to repair / replace without charge or issue a credit not exceeding the value of what Fabtek Company Ltd invoiced for the product.  



  • Any Defect resulting from design for product that is manufactured to customers design and specification.  

  • Any condition resulting from other than ordinary wear and tear or any use for which the product was not intended.

  • Any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance or care.

  • Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents or shipping damage.

  • Dissatisfaction due to buyer’s remorse.



  • Claims for defective product  must be made within ONE year from invoice date. Claims for missing parts must be made within 60 calendar days after the merchandise is received.  

  • Pictures of defective product are required to claim defective product , together with shipment number and/or Manufacturing order number  and/or traceability number if located on defective product.


Contact Information

Khanh Loc Hamlet, Khanh Binh Commune, Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Email :
Tel : +(84) 274 365 3632
Fax :+(84) 274 365 3631

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